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Welcome to Art and Creativity Education

Do you want to push the boundaries of your creativity?

Understand how to take risks in your painting and designs?

Embrace the gift of failure as an artist, and learn my secrets on how to turn them into beautiful creations?

Join us in your next creative journey online or attend in-person courses in Art and Creative Education.

'Artists imagine and create what else is possible' ~ Ingrid H Lee #artquote #ingridleeart #imagination #creativity

Ingrid H Lee (Bachelor Education, Honours – Research, Masters Education, PhD Candidate) has brought together her extensive knowledge of 20 years of painting and teaching professionally in school, university, and academic research about creative learning and teaching, into a range of comprehensive art and creativity courses.  She teaches, demonstrates and lectures in a range of masterclasses internationally, around Australia and here online about:

  • Contemporary painting of lustres, mixed media on porcelain
  • Contemporary painting techniques on canvas and inks and mixed media
  • Developing creativity, flow and style as an artist
  • Colour theory and Design
  • Unlocking the creative process and developing innovative approaches to expressing creative thinking as an artist

Ingrid’s unqiue method of teaching is easy and fun to learn, as she creates an environment which:

  • Build confidence in her students and their practical ability at all levels
  • Are hands on, practical and founded on formal art theory.


The best thing is, that I’ve turned all the heavy art theory into simple and workable activities which will get you thinking, drawing, painting and designing in new ways.

Most importantly, you can apply your learning instantly to your art work AND for the rest of your creative life.

I look forward to creating with you soon!  ~~ Ingrid


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