What stops you creating? Webinar and course discussion

What stops you creating? Webinar and course discussion

Thanks for joining our webinar series about “What stops you creating?”

This webinar series covered the themes of:

  1. Fear of Failure and making mistakes.
  2. Not trusting your own ability.
  3. Having little support around you for your creative passion.
  4. Too busy and too many commitments to spend time on your art.
  5. Scared to put a price or value on your art and creativity.

Let’s continue our discussions and feedback below

I know that many of our topics are familiar with some of you, and they have happened to me many times, as I shared my stories in the discussion too.  I really want to thank those of you who have contributed to the conversation about our fears when painting or creating- I hope you starting thinking something a little differently.

In the comments below, let’s continue the discussion.  Ask any of your questions and comments about this webinar series, I’m here waiting to answer you! 🙂  You must be logged in to facebook to chat in the facebook comments, or add them to our blog comments below!

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Artist painting on canvas, porcelain, mixed media. Blogs, writes, speaks, teaches about painting and creativity, loves travel, makes international art projects. Lives in Melbourne, Australia.


  • Peter K Yanke says:

    In this webinar series, Ingrid takes all of those life struggles we think are unique to ourselves and breaks them apart into honest, manageable solutions. WELL worth the time!

    • Ingrid H Lee says:

      Thanks Peter for your feedback, I really appreciate your time. Very true, our creative struggles are not unique, and it’s great when we can share them to gain better understandings about ourselves and our own journey.

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