What stops you creating? Too busy…no time!

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  • What stops you creating? Too busy…no time!
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What stops you creating? Too busy…no time!

Thursday July 9, 2015.  TIME: 11.00am AEST Melbourne
“What freaks you out when you paint or create?” Ingrid recently asked this question on her fan page Ingrid Lee Artist , and many of you shared your stories.

Over the next 5 weeks Ingrid will conduct a series of free webinars, exploring these problems and offering some understandings and insight to how you can begin creating a new approaches to your creativity.

Join our discussion this week about Making the time to create

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Speaker: Ingrid H Lee (Bachelor Education, Honours- Research, Masters Education – Research)– Professional artist, educator, writer and creative entrepreneur; Melbourne Australia.

Location: Online webinar, watch live or get the once only 24 hour replay.  

Ingrid H Lee is a contemporary artist who paints and teaches porcelain, canvas and mixed media.  She travels internationally for exhibitions, art projects, creativity consulting, masterclasses and inspiration for her art works and books she writes.  She is a highly productive artist and creative entrepreneur.

Ingrid has brought together her extensive knowledge of 20 years of painting and teaching professionally in school, university, and academic research about creative learning and teaching, into a range of comprehensive art and creativity courses.  She teaches a range of masterclasses internationally, around Australia and here online.