How do I learn online?

How do I learn online?

What are online art and creativity courses like?

Online courses use streaming, an Internet technology that delivers live or delayed video, or podcasts to your computer, via our website.

Ingrid has designed a variety of approaches to learning art and creativity online, which include close up videos of techniques, brush strokes and effects.  Essentially the videos  to guide you, step by step- it will almost be like you are sitting next to Ingrid in her studio.  We think that’s really important, don’t you?  Also included in our courses are online article and tutorials, access to webinars and podcasts.  This is an inclusive approach to online learning through a variety of media to optimise your learning experience.

Our main focus for all of our online classes you will experience is:

  • to have a comfortable and informal virtual classroom that is as close to you studying with Ingrid in her studio.
  • to be part of a community of other creative people online and always feel inspired.


Not sure if online art courses are right for you?  Below is a video of what you can expect to see in an online course



Here are some FAQs you might still have:

How do I learn online?

  • BASICS- Learn the basics and unique techniques required for the topic
  • CREATE- How to create a variety of projects with videos, online articles, podcasts, ebooks and other tutorials.
  • FEEDBACK–  Upon completion of your course, submit a photo of your work and Ingrid will send you a certificate of completion. Do you want personalised feedback via Skype?  You can upgrade your courses with personalised  consultation for Ingrid’s expert advice.
  • EVERGREEN ACCESS- modules, all video lessons for the course, Course Essentials e-book, Free tutorials and articles as provided in the course you have paid for.

What is an online course?

  • A recorded course starts whenever you purchase to attend.
  • Your course content is sent to you via email, over a set time period so that you have time to complete all of the activities.
  • You will experience a recording of a live course with all the hints and tips.
  • You will see close ups of every stroke and drawing you need, step by step.
  • Recorded classes do not include real-time chat.
  • To get your certificate of completion, upload your photo in the final unit of your course, and within 48 hours your will receive your certificate.
  • Remember you can Upgrade for personalised consultations with Ingrid for specific expert advice.


Why learn Online?

  • Complete your art works during your time and pace.
  • Learn where you’re most comfortable and at a time of day when you’re most productive.
  • Update or improve your skills without a lot of interruption to your work or personal commitments.
  • Online learning with Ingrid Lee creates offers a flexible virtual classroom community which suits your individual needs and commitment schedule.
  • You will get a certificate upon completion of your art work, just like in regular in-person courses with Ingrid Lee.
  • You become part of an electronic community of art learners through our online events and gallery.


Hints to get the best experience when learning Online

Our focus for Art and Creativity Education is to ‘Share, Learn, Inspire and Create’ in a supportive and creative community.  This school is set up with an international community who can access my learning community, making this a different classroom environment from in-person classes.

While you might be learning from your home or studio, and you are participating in regular or POD courses, you are still interacting with our community and in our discussion areas.  So the usual practices of courtesy and netiquette are very important in online learning environments.

You will receive Ingrid’s guide on how to ensure we all have a great experience at Art and Creativity Education when you download your class pack.

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