POD Courses

POD Courses

What is a POD class?

It’s about building bigger learning communities!



  • POD classes are LIVE online courses for larger groups, you simply connect your computer to a big screen TV or projection screen.
  • A POD class is LIVE, so it starts at a set learning time and ends at a set time.
  • They involve the same learning system as our online courses and they include live chat with Ingrid Lee during the course.
  • You will experience live interaction online, and see close ups of every stroke, and drawing you need, step by step.
  • Live classes offer real-time chat to enhance learning.


POD classes are about sharing and building bigger communities of learners and creative people




POD classes are great for group learning, and are designed for POD hosts who have a shop, professional studio, painting guild or association, even for international convention events who have a group of students wanting to learn with us or participate in a demonstration.

A POD host sets up the class just like they would run regular classes or teaching area, with the same preparation, presence, support that you regularly provide your participants- including refreshments, snacks, water, tea or coffee makes for a great experience.  Please do not plan any other events or presentations during the POD class, set time aside for this special event with us, as we do not stop our live course.



Just like in regular courses, each registered participant has the opportunity to upload a photo of their work for final assessment and feedback by Ingrid, and you will receive a certificate.  Upgrades for personalised Google Hangouts consultations are available, you will receive a recorded video copy of the consultation for your future use.


When you host our POD class, you have the opportunity to expand the learning experiences of your groups, clients and VIP students with exclusive courses and opportunities.


 Who can be a POD Host?

Here is a list of requirements to be a POD host:

  • The Host is someone who can organise a group, whether it is a group or guild, and provide the location and facilities and hospitality and equipment (at your cost) to host the event.  The host needs to understand the simple processes involved with learning online and registering to explain to their group.  The host will facilitate the learning of participants in the POD.  This way the results of participant’s work and experience in a POD class will achieve great results.
  • The POD Host should be an experienced teacher of the art form with a registered business/studio/association, who can satisfy the requirements of the POD Host Application.
  • Reliable internet access, screen or tv with internet access, computer access on the premises.


How do we pay for the course?

  • Each participant in the POD  must enrol as an online student of our school and PAY to attend their course through this website.  A special course link will be set up exclusively for your POD.
  • All participants are required to pay for their course through this website no later than 48 hours before the POD class begins, so that our staff can set up your POD class with correct attendees AND grant them a ticket before the class begins.
  • Remember, only registered participants of that POD can have evergreen access to a recording of this event, get a certificate and get feedback from Ingrid.
  • The POD host may charge for the use of the event space, hospitality, refreshments, equipment hire etc if required, and not for access to the event.  All participants must pay for the course through this website.


Which course can we choose? 

Please contact Ingrid and she will create a course for your groups’ interests or you can select from our online courses currently available.  You will be notified of the course costs during a Free course consultation with Ingrid.


Can you do a demonstration only?

Absolutely! Maybe you want to POD host a demonstration for your convention or public event?  All demonstrations are Live, and will be for 60 minutes only, and are purely a demonstration with no course materials supplied.  A demonstration is not an instructional class so there will be no certificate or feedback from Ingrid.

Your group will experience a live webinar with demonstrations of the techniques, ensuring the best close ups are available to your group- just like our regular courses.

All participants in the demonstration must register and pay for this demonstration prior to attending, they will also have evergreen access to watch a replay of this event in our archives.

There is a Live chat time available with Ingrid after the demonstration for 20 minutes. These are easy to organise, please contact Ingrid for all details and costs.


When you host a POD class demonstration with Ingrid, it expand the creative possibilities for your community



Promotion of your POD

As a POD Host you need to spread the word and promote your POD course with Ingrid’s Art and Creativity Education masterclasses.  Please do not rely on Ingrid to do this. Promote to your email lists, regular students, on your blog or website, social media.

We will send an email roughly 1-2 weeks before your POD course starts to each enrolled participant, reminding them about the course and emailing them their ticket to participate in the POD, and course materials which they will bring to your classroom.


POD Host Commission

You will receive a 12% commission for every participant in your POD, but you will not receive commission on yourself.

The great news is that  if you have 10 or more paying people in your POD, your attendance is free.  Please note, we do not pay a commission on any participant who is not registered with us prior to the POD course starting- we do not hold the point of view that you should work for free.

At the end of the session, you will receive an attendees list to complete, and it is expected you will return it to us, so we can organise your commission and any other moneys.  Please make sure that only people physically in the room with you are on your attendee list.  We will pay you via PayPal within 3 days after your POD class ends.


 At Ingrid’s Art and Creativity Education masterclasses, we hope it goes without saying…

Please honour Ingrid Lee, your participants and our online community and ensure everyone who attends your POD is a registered and paid participant.  Remember, it is only registered paid participants who have access to recordings, feedback and a certificate from Ingrid and access to be involved in our community.

We want your POD class experience to be a rewarding and fun collaborative learning event.