Which course is best for me?

Which course is best for me?

Whether you choose to learn online or in-person, Ingrid has created the following Skill levels to help you choose which course will suit your present ability.  Remember, these are guidelines only.  Each course indicates the minimum level of experience needed to achieve the best results.

Recommended skills for painting on porcelain, canvas or mixed media

Open Level- for students with Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced experience.

Beginner– has basic knowledge and technical understand of the painting mediums, brushwork and tools they are working with.

Intermediate-Has more than basic knowledge of painting and have already completed a variety of projects in different styles and topics like flowers or landscapes. These students have the confidence in their practical skill level to complete a medium to large sized project within the seminar time.

Advanced– Students who are wanting develop specific elements of art and design to further their painting style, approaches to experimentation, or alternative techniques. These students have the confidence in their practical skill level to complete any size artwork, specifically large pieces and complex and detailed subject matters and compositions. Art theory is a key foundation and integral part of these courses.

To participate in our online courses, you will need to possess basic computer skills, such as:

  • How to use a web browser
  • How to send and receive email
  • How to copy and paste
  • If you think you need a little help with your painting, or would like to learn online but in a group environment with an experienced facilitator check out POD hosted courses.

You can always book 1:1 consulting time with Ingrid online or in-person, contact us here for your inquiry.

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